My name is Mitchell Andrews and I'm a 21 year old game programmer from Toronto.

I program primarily in C++, C#, and Node.js.

VRTX - May 01, 2015

Hovercrafts, Multiplayer, EXPLOSIONS!?! Battle against other players in your own VRTX hovercraft fully equipped with weapons of your choice! Jump into an online match to prove your dominance on the race track or in the battle arena.

Source 3 Game Engine - November 29, 2014

A simple C++ game engine that utilizes OpenGL and Havok Physics.

League of Legends Client - November 19, 2014

A League of Legends client emulator coded using Node.js, Mustache, and JQuery. The client is currently in the works and the development is going to be fun! You can check out my Trello board for progress/issues.

The Post Man - April 27, 2014

The Post Man is a workplace simulator, where you play as a post man sorting mail at his every day job. Created during T.O. Jam 9.

Cat Blaster - January 19, 2014

Cat Blaster is a 2D side-scrolling shoot em up mobile game available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The goal of the game is to earn as many points as possible before running out of fuel or getting destroyed by oncoming obstacles.

The Last Case - December 16, 2013

In 'The Last Case' you play as a detective collecting evidence to find out information on a missing person. While searching the property you find out that you're not the only one looking for someone.

Hard in da paint - May 05, 2013

Match the color of your ammunition with the oncoming enemies to kill them and collect points. Enemies hit with the incorrect color will lose you more points than you gain. Created with friends during T.O. Jam 8.

This website is currently hosted on Heroku and powered by Node.js, MongoDB, and Mustache. It has has always been an active project for me because it gave me the opportunity to explore web related languages / services like Node.js, Mongoose, PHP, MySQL, and a little Ruby.

Questions? Contact Me Here!